S-Duo GamePad

Made exclusively for dual-screen Android devices like the Microsoft Surface Duo.



  1. Install S-Duo GamePad from the Google Play Store
  2. Go to Settings -> System -> Languages & input -> Virtual Keyboard -> Manage Keyboards.
  3. Turn on access for the S-Duo GamePad


  1. Open the app from the icon in the app drawer, and you will see the “Customize Your S-Duo GamePad” screen.
  2. From here, you can open the gamepad, select a saved key layout, and choose from XStyle and PlayStyle button layout.
  3. You’ll want to re-visit this screen often to tweak and try out different key settings for different games.


  1. Open the normal keyboard once with an app that supports entry (like Chrome, Edge).
  2. Use the little Keyboard icon in the lower right to open the “Choose input method” dialog.
  3. Select the S-Duo GamePad.
  4. Next, open your game app on the top screen. The gamepad will probably disappear!!! That’s OK!
  5. Swipe down on your notifications, and you’ll see a “Show GamePad Keyboard” notification. Tap on this, and the GamePad will return!


S-Duo GamePad is based on the Android InputMethodService (Keyboard) API. Unfortunately, this API only allows passing of key press events, and not all games support keyboard input!

Known Compatible Games

  • Minecraft
  • SuperTuxCart
  • Mars: Mars
  • Sonic the HedgeHog 1
  • PUBG (partial support, buggy)
  • LodeRunner 1
  • Soul Knight


  • RetroArch (Emulator system with thousands of games!)


If you find another game that works with S-Duo GamePad, have a question, or are a game developer who wants to discuss compatibility, send me a tweet at @CedarRiverTech!