LEGO Leopards

Lego Leopards

We are the LEGO Leopards FLL team from Cedar Falls, IA. We have recently been to our regional competition, and are going on to state.We would like to show you some of the stuff we have done over the past year! First LEGO League (FLL) is a program for fourth through seventh graders where you learn about robotics, and help out in the community.


The 2016 – 17 season theme is Animal Allies, which is about how people and animals interact and help each other. Our team researched different things to help animals, and talked to veterinarians and workers at a humane society. Eventually, we decided to work on helping obese pets. We came up with three solutions which work together. We designed an app for vets and pet owners to use. It is called Pet Tracker Multi Care. You can enter information about your pet into the app such as their weight, steps they take daily, and their heart rate. We would like it to show you where there is a vet nearby, in case of emergencies. Our second solution was a collar for pets. It can track steps they take and there heart rate. We are calling it the Petdometer. Our third solution was a scale for pets, so you can weigh your pet any time you want. Were calling it Feather, Fur, and Scale. It has walls so your pet feels safe. Then, you can upload all the info from the collar and the scale to the app on your phone. All of our inventions are work in progress, but hopefully they will be coming out soon.

Project Poster

leopardnardo_front leopardnardo_top

This is Leopardnardo da Robot. LEGO robots are probably the most exiting part of Lego League. How it works is there is a table with LEGO buildings and obstacles called missions. You earn points based on how many missions you complete in two minutes and thirty seconds. At a competition, you get three runs. Your highest score counts. Some of the missions this year were doing things such as helping animals, and milking cows. Another mission was moving a shark tank from base to a small square.
Robot Poster

Core Values

Core Values are not very interesting, but are important to any team. Efficiency is one of them. If you don’t work efficiently, you won’t get much done. Before our regional competition, we first met as a big group and decided what each of us are going to do at that meeting. Now, how we do it is we have leaders for each of the three categories, who are in charge of who in there group does what.

Core Values Poster